Visio 2007 Essentials

The participants will learn how to use the basic features of Visio 2007. This workshop incorporates a hands-on approach to learning. They will get a chance to practice some of the basic features right on a computer. Taking the time to learn about the basic features of Visio 2007 will increase their creative skills.
This course will help your participants get up and running with Visio 2007. We’ll show them how to create drawings, add shapes, customize their screen for maximum productivity, and format their drawing.

Course Outline

Module One: Getting Started
Housekeeping Items
The Parking Lot
Workshop Objectives

Module Two: Opening and Closing Visio
Opening Visio
Using the Getting Started Window
Interface Overview
Closing Visio

Module Three: Working with Files
Creating a New Drawing
Switching Between Files
Saving Files
Closing Files
Opening Files

Module Four: Your First Drawing
Finding the Required Shape
Placing the Shape in the Drawing
Selecting Shapes
Resizing, Moving, and Deleting Shapes
Connecting Shapes
Adding Text to a Shape

Module Five: Setting Up Your Drawing
Showing and Hiding Screen Elements
Adding a Guide
Moving or Deleting a Guide
Changing Ruler and Grid Settings

Module Six: Basic Editing Tasks
Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Shapes
Duplicating Shapes
Using Undo and Redo
Finding and Replacing Text
Checking Your Spelling

Module Seven: Formatting Shapes
Changing a Shapes Outline Color
Changing a Shapes Fill Color
Modifying Corners
Adding Shadows
Changing Line Types and Ends

Module Eight: Formatting Text
Changing the Font Face and Size
Changing Font Color
Adding Effects
Using the Format Text Dialog

Module Nine: Formatting Blocks of Text
Aligning Text
Indenting Text
Changing Paragraph Spacing
Creating a Bulleted List

Module Ten: Formatting Your Drawing
Aligning Shapes
Using the Format Painter
Applying a Theme
Centering Your Drawing

Module Eleven: Adding the Finishing Touches
Using the Page Setup Dialog
Previewing Your Drawing
Saving Your Drawing as a Picture
Printing Your Drawing
E-mailing Your Drawing

Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Words from the Wise
Review of Parking Lot
Lessons Learned
Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations