Throughout a decade of dedicated service, Rikki Smith has built a legacy of impact, leaving an enduring mark on every team and individual touched by her work. Through a seamless blend of professionalism, passion, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Rikki continues to be a driving force in the world of corporate training.

Stratus Training Corporate Training Team

“She is intelligent and compassionate and fun.”

Penny Kidd
Pennywise Coaching

“They don’t come any better than Rikki Smith”

I met Rikki Smith in 2013 when she was the point person for an event at which I was speaking. Now I can’t forget her. Rikki’s a blue-sky thinker whose attention to detail allows her to bring big ideas to fruition. She is smart, capable and very funny. I’ve heard her speak. I’ve seen her work. I’ve also had the privilege of being her friend.  She is strong, capable and committed to people for whom she cares. In my darkest hours, she held me up by sheer force of will … for months. They don’t come any better than Rikki Smith.

Judge, Lynn Toler
Television Personality,
Author, Speaker


Don’t Just Take My Word For It

"Charismatic speaker with great take-aways of practical/useful professional knowledge!"

Natalia Rios

"Rikki is simply a rock star! Her ability to deliver a well-prepared message in a funny, interesting way and engage everyone in the room is unparalleled."

Brenda Powell-Russell

"Rikki is an amazing speaker and trainer. She is fun, exciting and energetic. She has an uncanny wisdom too."

Toni Harris Taylor

"Truly gifted at finding exactly who you are in your business, how you can better yourself, and how you can be a service to your clients."

Jameel Toombs

"Her passion on the subject of Leadership is infectious."

Cynthia Boyar Trejo

"Rikki is an excellent speaker and powerful motivator. She is sure to energize any group."

Stephen Griffin

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