Public Speaking Masterclass

4 weeks | 90 Minute Classes

Welcome to a Transformational Journey

Are you ready to step into the spotlight and command the room with confidence and charisma? The Stratus Training & Consulting Public Speaking Masterclass is your passport to unlocking the secrets of impactful and captivating public speaking. Join us for 4 weeks of group coaching via Zoom.

What You’ll Learn

  • Weekly Facilitator-Lead Coaching Sessions:
    • Join us every week for dynamic group coaching sessions led by our expert facilitator. Get ready to dive deep into the art of public speaking, receiving personalized guidance and actionable feedback. (a one hour 1:1 coaching session would cost you $247/hour)
  • Comprehensive Masterclass Materials:
    • Gain access to a treasure trove of resources curated specifically for this masterclass. From worksheets to exclusive guides, we’ve got you covered to enhance your learning experience. (These materials would normally cost $97 or more)

The 4-Week Journey

Week 1 – Public Speaking Basics: Discover the foundational principles of public speaking. From conquering stage fright to mastering vocal techniques, Week 1 sets the stage for your transformative journey.

Week 2 – Art of Storytelling: Learn the art of weaving narratives that captivate your audience. Unleash the power of storytelling to make your presentations memorable and emotionally resonant.

Week 3 – Organizing Your Talk: Get hands-on guidance on structuring your presentations for maximum impact. From compelling openings to powerful closings, Week 3 equips you with the tools to organize your thoughts with precision.

Week 4 – Public Speaking for Business: Elevate your professional presence with insights into effective business communication. Making you seen as the expert in your field. A simple way to build warm leads that turn into powerful contracts. Whether you’re pitching ideas or leading meetings, Week 4 provides strategies tailored for success in the corporate arena.

Why Choose This Masterclass?

  • Proven Results: Our masterclass has empowered countless individuals to overcome their speaking fears and deliver compelling presentations with confidence.
  • Expert Facilitators: Learn from a seasoned professional who brings a wealth of experience in public speaking and training. Benefit from her personalized insights and tips.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage in interactive exercises, group discussions, and practical activities that reinforce your learning and make the experience enjoyable.

Tell A Story That Makes Impact on Contact

Don’t miss this opportunity to become a masterful speaker. Join Rikki Smith inside the Public Speaking Masterclass and unlock your potential to captivate, inspire, and lead with confidence.

Black Friday Special of only


Normally $147.00

Monday Afternoons

11:30 am – 1:00 pm MST

Thursday Evenings

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm MST

Saturday Mornings

9:30 am – 11:00 am MST

These coaching classes would normally be $795 + materials. If purchase now during the Black Friday Sale, you get all this for the low price of $99!

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