PowerPoint 2007 Advanced

PowerPoint is the world’s premier presentation software. You can use PowerPoint to create and edit slides, and then to run the slide show while you deliver your presentation. Slides can have a variety of information on them, and you can add interest to your slides using formatting and animation.
If you develop presentations or visuals for any reason, the skills included in this course will help your participants maximize their use of many robust PowerPoint 2007 features to create effective, visually attractive, and useful presentations. Taking the time to learn about the features of PowerPoint 2007 will increase their presentation skills.

Course Outline

Module One: Getting Started
• Icebreaker
• Housekeeping Items
• The Parking Lot
• Workshop Objectives

Module Two: Adding Pictures
• Inserting a Picture from a File
• Inserting ClipArt
• Using the Picture Tools Tab
• Resizing, Moving or Deleting a Picture

Module Three: Working with Text Boxes
• Inserting A Text Box
• Adding Text
• Using the Text Box Tools Tab
• Resizing, Moving and Deleting a Text Box
• Formatting a Text Box

Module Four: Adding SmartArt
• Inserting SmartArt
• Using the SmartArt Tools Tab
• Adding Text to SmartArt
• Resizing, Moving and Deleting SmartArt

Module Five: Adding Tables
• Inserting a Table
• Adding Text
• Using the Table Tools Tab
• Modifying Rows and Columns

Module Six: Inserting Advanced Objects
• Adding a Movie
• Adding a Sound Clip
• Creating WordArt
• Drawing Shapes
• About the Drawing Tools Tab

Module Seven: Advanced Drawing Tasks
• Using the Grid and Guides
• Rotating and Flipping Objects
• Aligning and Distributing Objects
• Ordering Objects
• Grouping Objects

Module Eight: PowerPoint’s Research Tools
• Checking Spelling
• Using the Research Task Pane
• Using the Translation Tool
• Setting the Language

Module Nine: Creating Notes and Handouts
• Adding Notes to a Slide
• Creating a Notes Master
• Creating a Handout Master
• Printing Notes and Handouts

Module Ten: Using Slide Masters
• Switching to Slide Master View
• Using the Slide Master Tab
• Creating a Slide Master
• Applying a Slide Master
• Editing a Slide Master

Module Eleven: Advanced Presentation Tasks
• Inserting Slides from Other Presentations
• Creating a Custom Show
• Packaging Your Presentation for CD
• About the PowerPoint Viewer

Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
• Words from the Wise
• Review of Parking Lot
• Lessons Learned
• Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations