OneNote 2010 Essentials

The participants will learn how to use the basic features of OneNote 2010. This workshop is designed to teach you a basic understanding of OneNote 2010 in a practical way. This workshop incorporates a hands-on approach to learning. They will get a chance to practice some of the basic features right on a computer.
OneNote is a program that helps you collect notes about anything. You can store all of your notes – in a variety of formats – in one place. Then you can organize and share your notes. OneNote 2010 provides all of these features and can make your everyday business a lot easier.

Course Outline

Module One: Getting Started
• Icebreaker
• Housekeeping Items
• The Parking Lot
• Workshop Objectives

Module Two: Opening and Closing OneNote
• Opening OneNote
• Understanding the Interface
• Using the Backstage View
• About the OneNote Icon
• Docking OneNote
• Closing OneNote

Module Three: Working with Notebooks
• Understanding Your Notebook
• Creating a New Notebook
• Saving Notebooks
• Searching Notebooks
• Closing Notebooks
• Opening Notebooks

Module Four: Working with Pages and Sections
• Adding Pages
• Adding Sub-Pages
• Moving, Renaming, and Deleting Pages
• Using the Templates Pane
• Adding Sections
• Adding Section Groups
• Working with Sections and Section Groups

Module Five: Your First Notebook
• Typing Text
• Handwriting Text
• Using Copy and Paste
• Adding Extra Writing Space
• Using the Formatting Toolbar
• Applying Styles

Module Six: Adding Objects to Your Notebook
• Creating Lists
• Creating Tables
• Inserting Pictures
• Inserting Screen Clippings
• Researching in OneNote

Module Seven: Basic Editing Tasks
• Using the Page Setup Group
• Resizing Objects
• Moving Objects
• Using Undo and Redo
• Checking Your Spelling

Module Eight: Advanced OneNote Objects
• Using the Calculator
• Using OneNote with Outlook Tasks and Meetings
• Inserting Audio
• Inserting Video
• Attaching Files

Module Nine: Drawing in OneNote
• Drawing Shapes
• Selecting Shapes
• Formatting Shapes
• Rotating Shapes
• Using the Eraser

Module Ten: Managing Notes
• Tagging Notes
• Using the Unfiled Section
• Using History
• Linking Like a Wiki

Module Eleven: Adding the Finishing Touches
• Time Stamping Items
• Using OneNote Views
• Password Protecting Your Notebook
• Using OneNote Backups
• E-Mailing Your Notes
• Printing Your Notes

Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
• Words from the Wise
• Review of Parking Lot
• Lessons Learned
• Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations