Excel 365 Essentials

Welcome to the Office 365 Excel Essentials workshop. With Office 365, you can access your spreadsheets anywhere, and make some basic changes without using a computer where your desktop Office applications are installed. In the Office 365 Excel web app, you can collaborate on a spreadsheet with anyone, no matter what version of Excel they have, and your changes are automatically saved.
The Office 365 experience is designed to render your documents to look exactly like they would when printed, from nearly anywhere in the world. This tool provides its users the freedom to work from anywhere.

Course Outline

Module One: Getting Started
• Icebreaker
• Housekeeping Items
• The Parking Lot
• Workshop Objectives

Module Two: Welcome to Office 365 Excel
• The Home Page
• The Team Site
• Shared Documents
• Uploading a Spreadsheet
• Module Two: Review Questions

Module Three: Worksheets and Workbooks
• Opening a Spreadsheet
• Overview of the Reading View
• Understanding Worksheets vs. Workbooks
• Downloading and Reloading
• Closing Spreadsheets
• Module Three: Review Questions

Module Four: Working with Excel Files
• Using the Find Command
• Saving a Copy
• Editing in Browser
• The Excel Web App Interface
• Opening in Excel
• Module Four: Review Questions

Module Five: Editing in the Browser (I)
• About Saving and Save As
• A New File and Autosaving
• Entering Data
• Editing Data
• Using the Wrap Command
• Module Five: Review Questions

Module Six: Editing in the Browser (II)
• Using Undo and Redo
• Adding Rows and Columns
• Deleting Cells
• Using Timesaving Shortcuts
• Module Six: Review Questions

Module Seven: Building Formulas
• The Math Basics of Excel
• Building a Formula
• Editing a Formula
• Copying a Formula
• Relative vs. Absolute References
• Module Seven: Review Questions

Module Eight: Understanding Functions
• Formulas vs. Functions
• Using the SUM Function
• Using Other Basic Excel Functions
• Using AutoComplete
• Module Eight: Review Questions

Module Nine: Working with Data
• Sorting Data
• Filtering Data
• About Collaborating
• About Refreshing External Data
• Module Nine: Review Questions

Module Ten: Formatting Your Data
• Changing the Appearance of Text
• Changing the Appearance of Numbers
• Setting Alignment Options
• Adding Borders
• Adding Fill Color
• Module Ten: Review Questions

Module Eleven: The Insert Tools
• Inserting Tables
• Inserting Charts
• Working with Charts
• Inserting Links
• Module Eleven: Review Questions

Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
• Words from the Wise
• Review of the Parking Lot
• Lessons Learned
• Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations