Excel 2013 Essentials

Your participants will learn how to use the basic features of Excel 2013. This workshop is designed to provide a basic understanding of Excel 2013. Participants will be shown a practical way of learning with a hands-on and customizable approach. They will also get a chance to experience some of the new features that are offered in Excel 2013.
Course Outline

Module One: Getting Started
• Housekeeping Items
• Pre-Assignment Review
• Workshop Objectives
• The Parking Lot
• Action Plans

Module Two: Opening Excel
• Opening Excel
• Using the Recent List
• Opening Files
• Creating a Blank Workbook
• Creating a Workbook from a Template
• Module Two: Review Questions

Module Three: Working with the Interface
• Understanding the Ribbon and the Status Bar
• About Your Account
• Using Backstage View
• Understanding Worksheets vs. Workbooks
• Closing Files
• Closing Excel
• Module Three: Review Questions

Module Four: Your First Worksheet
• Entering Data
• Using Flash Fill
• Using Auto Fill
• Editing Data
• Adding Rows and Columns
• Checking Your Spelling
• Module Four: Review Questions

Module Five: Viewing Excel Data
• An Overview of Excel’s Views
• Switching Views
• Creating Custom Views
• Using Zoom
• Switching Between Open Files
• Module Five: Review Questions

Module Six: Building Formulas
• The Math Basics of Excel
• Building a Formula
• Editing a Formula
• Copying a Formula
• Relative vs. Absolute References
• Using the Status Bar to Perform Calculations
• Module Six: Review Questions

Module Seven: Using Excel Functions
• Formulas vs. Functions
• Using AutoComplete
• Using the SUM Function
• Using Other Basic Excel Functions
• Understanding the Formulas Tab
• Understanding the Function Names
• Module Seven: Review Questions

Module Eight: Using Quick Analysis
• Formatting Tables
• Creating Quick Analysis Charts
• Calculating Totals
• Creating Quick Analysis Tables
• Using Sparklines
• Module Eight: Review Questions

Module Nine: Formatting Your Data
• Changing the Appearance of Text
• Changing the Appearance of Numbers
• Working with Alignment Options /Using the Wrap Command/Using Merge
• Removing Formatting
• Module Nine: Review Questions

Module Ten: Using Styles, Themes, and Effects
• Using Conditional Formatting
• Using Table Styles
• Using Cell Styles
• Formatting Cells
• An Overview of the Page Layout Tab
• Changing the Theme
• Module Ten: Review Questions

Module Eleven: Printing and Sharing Your Workbook
• Setting up Your Page
• Previewing and Printing Your Workbook
• Inviting People
• E-Mailing Your Workbook
• Module Eleven: Review Questions

Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
• Words from the Wise
• Review of Parking Lot
• Lessons Learned
• Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations