Excel 2007 Advanced

Knowing how to use the advanced features of Microsoft Excel 2007 opens a completely new experience in using this spreadsheet program. The novice user tends to use Excel 2007 as holding place for report data. They may know how to insert data and move columns around, but rarely go into the deeper functions that Excel 2007 offers.
This workshop will teach the participants the most common advanced features of Microsoft Excel 2007. The goal of this course is to get them familiar with these functions in a safe learning environment. Once it is completed, their familiarity and confidence in using the advanced feature of Excel 2007 will increase, making Excel 2007 a more useful tool for everyone at work or at home.

Course Outline:

Module One: Getting Started
• Icebreaker
• Housekeeping Items
• The Parking Lot
• Workshop Objectives

Module Two: SmartArt
• Inserting SmartArt
• An Overview of the SmartArt Tabs
• Adding Text to the Diagram
• Resizing and Moving the Diagram
• Resetting the Diagram

Module Three: Inserting Objects
• About Contextual Tabs
• Adding Pictures from Your Computer
• Adding ClipArt
• Adding Text Boxes
• Drawing Shapes

Module Four: Creating Charts
• Inserting a Chart
• Overview of the Chart Tools Tabs
• Understanding the Parts of a Chart
• Changing the Chart Style
• Resizing and Moving the Chart

Module Five: Creating Pivot Tables
• Inserting a Pivot Table
• Overview of the Pivot Table Tools Tab
• Choosing Fields
• Module Six: Working with Pivot Tables
• Changing the Data Displayed
• Applying a Style to Your Pivot Table
• Some Real-life Examples

Module Seven: Creating Pivot Charts
• Creating a Pivot Chart from a Pivot Table
• Creating a Pivot Chart from Data

Module Eight: Solving Formula Errors
• Using Named Ranges
• Understanding Formula Errors
• Tracing Dependents and Precedents
• Using the Trace Errors Commands
• Evaluating Formulas

Module Nine: Using What-If Analysis
• Using Goal Seek
• Using the Scenario Manager
• Using a One Input Data Table
• Using a Two Input Data Table

Module Ten: Managing Your Data
• Transposing Data from Rows to Columns
• Using the Text to Columns Feature
• Checking for Duplicates
• Creating Data Validation Rules
• Consolidating Data

Module Eleven: Grouping and Outlining Data
• Grouping Data
• Adding Subtotals
• Outlining Data
• Viewing Grouped and Outlined Data

Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
• Words from the Wise
• Review of Parking Lot
• Lessons Learned
• Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations