Speech & Presentation skills Coaching Services

Stand Up, Stand Out, Be Heard!

A coaching program designed to lay the foundation to transform your speaking and presentation skills.


What You Can Expect 

The coaching program is designed to lay a foundation to transform your speaking and presentation skills and start you on your way to being a more confident, and organized presenter.

The program will create powerful breakthroughs and have you ready to execute the smartest, most polished, and potentially profitable presentation.

We offer group or individual coaching sessions to help you achieve your unique and specific speaker goal. 

Coaching topics include:



What keeps you from standing up?

Body Language

What is yours saying?


Nerves and Fears

Put your nerves and fears in check.


Your Message

Develop and focus your thoughts.


Profit from your presentation. 

Coaching Program Includes:

Training Material

Stratus Training and Consulting LLC; exclusive and proprietary material

Private Coaching

(6) 1.5 hours sessions over a 90-day period

Group Coaching

Meets monthly- 2 to 3-hour sessions

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